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2023-11-06 National Citizens Inquiry (NCI): testimony of Bruce Pardy – Lawyer. The Administrative State in action.


2023-11-01 Lawyer Lisa Bildy exposes administrative state’s chilling effect on free speech and direct patient care, Tamara Ugolini, Rebel News

2023-10-17 To CBC, Rachel Maddow’s new book addresses Influential American fascists in lead-up to WW2. Thomas Watson (President of IBM) is not on the list??    (I don’t know Rachel Maddow’s political views.  I heard an interview about her new book.  Given the topic, I expected to hear the name of Thomas Watson at some point.  As far as I know, it was never mentioned.

REFERENCE:    2008-12-06 MIGHT BE THE MOST IMPORTANT PAGE ON THIS BLOG: The role of mechanized census data in Nazi Europe, Edwin Black, IBM and the Holocaust. Why we have a Charter Right to privacy of personal information in Canada.

Everyone should be catching on by now!   Look at Mussolini’s Italy.  You put together the STATE  plus  the WEALTHY INFLUENTIAL BUSINESS PEOPLE,  what do you get?   It’s called FASCISM  or NAZIISM.  It parades as CORRUPTION.   Sometimes I call it CORPORATOCRACY.   Today you will see it referred to as ADMINISTRATIVE STATE.

Changing times, change names.   But at root they are basically the same phenomenon??

I need to add “fascist” to the posting about linguistics (what am I?  an activist, an insurgent, a rabble-rouser, . . .  an old lady, ha ha! . . . an anti-fascist?)

Oh my God! . . I think that makes me a dreaded supporter of Antifa!)

Antifa (/ænˈtiːfə, ˈænti(ˌ)fə/) is a left-wing ANTI-FASCIST and ANTI-RACIST political movement in the United States. It consists of a highly decentralized array of autonomous groups that use nonviolent direct action, incivility, and violence to achieve their aims.[1][2] Most antifa political activism is nonviolent, involving poster and flyer campaigns, mutual aid, speeches, protest marches, and community organizing.[3][4][5] However, some who identify as antifa also use tactics involving digital activism, doxing, harassment, physical violence, and property damage. Members of antifa aim to combat far-right extremists, including neo-Nazis and white supremacists.[6] . . .   there’s more!  . . . With thanks to Wikipedia.



2022-10-28    Covid protests, Vocabulary and Context. WE WILL DO BETTER . . .  NEXT TIME! say the Police.

2023-09    Chris Scott, owner of the Whistlestop Cafe, Mirror AB. Hero. Covid mandates & small businesses. “The Administrative State”.

2016-07-08    Democracy overtaken by Corporatocracy = coup d’état. Citizens fight to regain democracy = Revolution (insurgency) . Corporatocracy fights to hold on = counter insurgency.

A Sequence:

Maude Barlow: Millions yearn to escape free-trade deals

David Korten  de-constructs the term “free trade”    

David Barnhizer explains the relationship between linguistics and propaganda

A search on my blog for postings related to “Linguistics” throws up more.  The preceding is enough!

Chris Carbet (one of the “Coutts 4) has been held in Remand,  without trial,  bail denied, for well over a year – – 616 days as of the 23rd of Oct.   Related:  Manufacturing the Threat (documentary).

2023-09-09  Manufacturing The Threat, Amy Miller filmmaker

Shining a light into the murky world of police infiltration, incitement, and agent provocateurs, Manufacturing The Threat shows how Canada’s policing and national security agencies, granted additional powers after 9/11, routinely break laws with little to no accountability or oversight.

For the first time ever, a feature-length documentary examines the issue of agent provocateurs and entrapment in Canada’s national security apparatus. Manufacturing the Threat is a thrilling and emotional film, which examines a deeply disturbing episode in Canadian history, when an impoverished couple was coerced by undercover law enforcement agents into carrying out a (INSERT / S:  an attempted – fake) terrorist bombing. Further, viewers learn that this case is far from unique in the context of Canadian intelligence.

When a young Muslim couple was arrested on Canada Day 2013, caught red-handed planting bombs at the Parliament buildings in Victoria, BC, the news was celebrated as a tour de force for Canada’s national security agencies. Citing the rising threat of Islamic terrorism, the Harper government went on to pass Bill C-51, the Anti-terrorism Act.

However, media and government were relatively silent when the case against the Canada Day bombers fell apart. After the young couple, Omar Nuttall and Ana Korody, had spent three years in prison, they learned that they had been deceived by an elaborate agent provocateur operation managed by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).

‘Project Souvenir’ involved over 240 security service operatives, and culminated in their decision to plant fake bombs, constructed with the help of undercover agents, on the BC Parliament Grounds. The Canada Day Bombers had their charges thrown out, and their imprisonment was referred to as a “travesty of justice” by Judge Elizabeth Bennett.

(Check out the facebook page.  The film is showing in Victoria(?), etc..  And will be available for download from a documentary film site for $3 or $4 (?).  Let’s say by Christmas!  Takes a while.    This film is important.)

Manufacturing the Threat  

Amy tells an important story very well.

Check it out on facebook:

It is reinforced by:

 2012-05-19 TO: MP Blake Richards re his private member’s bill to make it a crime to wear a mask at protests. Remember Montebello, it was the police who wore the masks.

2013-02-07 Faulty Comparison (re “princely administrative leaves awarded to departed senior U of S executives”)

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