Dec 012023

I am extremely grateful to Laura Jeffery for her courage in giving testimony to the NCI.

A year or so ago, I saw videos that were coming from funeral homes, from morticians, and embalmers.  The fibrous masses that were coming out of the circulatory systems of deceased people who were being prepared for embalming were disconcerting and graphic; they remain vivid in my memory.

Laura was asked about what the fibrous masses are.  She deferred to “the scientists”, which she is not.  Specifically mentioned is Dr. Ryan Cole, a pathologist.   An interview with him is appended.    But listen to the lived experience of Laura Jeffery:

Laura Jeffery – Mar 31, 2023 – Toronto, Ontario


Laura Jeffery refers to the work of


The discussion of CLOTTING starts around 22 minutes.

Covid – a clotting disease and an epithileal disease.

Definition:  the inner lining of blood vessels is made up of epithelial tissue. Epithelial tissue is the tissue which forms the inner line covering of various organs, not only blood vessels.


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