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The previous “For Your Selection” was Oct 21-27,

with an emphasis on COMMON SENSE.  Tamara Lich was jailed and denied bail because she was identified as THE LEADER of the Freedom Convoy that rocked Canada and many other countries.  Tamara is awesome and thank Goodness it was HER and not someone else who played her role.
But in an extremely short period of time — 2 or 3 weeks – –   COULD she have mobilized the millions of people around the globe who continue to demand justice for what happened during the covid years? COULD it have been something else?  like. . . Self-organizing. Successful social movements . . . emergent, evolving, radically self-organizing (as described by David Korten in his book When Corporations Rule the World).

The trial of Tamara Lich resumed.  Chris Barber and Tamara Lich are co-defendants.  From Rebel News, Kraychik reports, I understand that the Prosecution has said little about Lich to the Court, even though Nov. 29th is Day 30 of Lich’s trial.  Essentially (in my view), the Prosecution doesn’t have evidence that proves Lich is guilty.  And so the Prosecution will try to construct a case against Lich by claiming a CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY.   Tamara’s lawyers have asked the Judge to reject a pending Carter application from the Crown. A Carter application, if approved by a judge, allows incriminating evidence against one co-defendant to be attributed to other co-defendants.”  “Granger (lawyer) said the evidence provided by the prosecution, which ended its arguments last week, failed to fulfill the criteria required for a successful Carter application,”


November Selections is dedicated to

The National Citizens Inquiry (NCI)

The Final Report on What Happened 

(the covid years)

was issued on November 28th


The mainstream media has not been telling us about the NCI.  So I’m going to!

What the Commissioners heard from specialists and from people with direct experience is posted on the NCI website:

I am gob-smacked by the power of Canadians.

The video testimony I have watched so far is copied onto my blog and listed below.  I learned a lot, from different angles – just through these few of the presentations.  I haven’t even started into the testimonies of experiences.  I HIGHLY recommend this undertaking (the NCI) of fellow Canadians.  It is sane and important.    / Sandra Finley

To hear any one of the following 7, click on  A summary of each posting will appear.  Click a second time on the one you want, to open it up.   /S

  1. Leighton Grey, lawyer.  Illusions unmasked
  2. Rodney Palmer, journalist. Propaganda and Covid. The Corruption of Canada’s CBC: Covid-19 Reporting under the Trudeau Government
  3. Lt. Col. David Redman. Retired Colonel chronicles the deliberate disregard of a long established plan for government to manage and mitigate a pandemic.
  4. NCI Testimony: Gail Davidson: Canada’s Obligations Under International Human Rights Law  
  5. Deanna McLeod,  got out and set up her own consulting business using factual info.   (re children)
  6. Bruce Pardy – Lawyer. The Administrative State in action.
  7. Rick Nicholls was Deputy Speaker of the Ontario Legislature.  Nicholls had questions about the covid mandates.  He refused the order to go along with the Government narrative.  Consequence:  he was booted out of the Provincial PC’s (Doug Ford Govt).

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Featuring over 100 recommendations derived from sworn witness testimony, the Commissioners will also unveil the reasons behind labelling the COVID-19 injections Neither Safe nor Effective and urging an immediate halt to the vaccination program.

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My Blog Postings since the October Selections:  (the first one is alarming and real)



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Rousing video , 17 Jean Valjeans from just some of the worldwide productions assembled on one stage.

Large choir and more cast near the end.  Canada represented by Michael Burgess

17 Jean Valjeans “Les Miserables”




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