Dec 062023

Repeal Bill 36,  the Health Professions & Occupations Act.   First class tyranny.

Do the health care providers in my community know what’s going on, that affects them:

  • at the LEGISLATURE?
  • In the COURTS?

I will deliver the following to as many local healthcare providers as I can.  I want them and us to talk to the local MLA.   There’s a self-interest .   . . .

The Health Professions & Occupations Act does this, unbelievably: 

1. All BC practitioners must now follow health guidelines set by political appointees for their
patients or risk penalties including loss of license to practice.

Noncompliance with Ministry therapeutic guidelines may result in fines up to $200,000 or
$500,000 (corporations) and incarceration up to 6 months or 2 years.1

Anonymous complaints to the Colleges can result in summary suspension of licensure to
practice before the complaint is investigated.2,3

Appointees chosen by politicians may now enter a healthcare practice, seize patient records
and restrict access to that facility without a warrant or court order.4

Refusal to accept all Ministry mandated vaccines and therapies will likely result in

College advisory boards will now consist of government appointees only.6

All selfregulatory healthcare professions in BC will be governed entirely by politicians and
their agents, using appointees selected by the Ministry of Health.7

The Cabinet and the Minister of Health can adopt as law in BC any regulations, codes,
standards or rules enacted in foreign jurisdictions or international bodies.8

Bill 36 was one of the largest bills ever passed in British Columbia, consisting of 645 sections and 276 pages, . . . read more at The Canadian Society for Science & Ethics in Medicine

 STATUS OF BILL 36, B.C. Health Professions & Occupations Act, as at Dec 7, 2023.  (I phoned the Legislature AND I had a conversation at my MLA’s office to confirm):

The Act was passed a year ago.  HOWEVER, not all the provisions have yet been translated into Regulations.  There is time to drop into the office of MLA Adam Walker on 2nd Ave in Qualicum Beach.  They want you to phone ahead and book an appointment.  But the matter is urgent.  I’d suggest that you jot a note and drop in.  Time is short to get Bill 36 repealed.  I have found the staff in Adam Walker’s office to be receptive.  Just be normal and courteous.  Ask questions – – like is this true?  – –  Or, as you wish. – –   Have your friends go to the MLA’s office.  He needs to know that WE ARE SERIOUS about getting the legislation repealed.

Doctors’ insights on case against Bonnie Henry’s two-year vaccine mandate for healthcare workers

Youtube coverage at the Legislature, Drea Humphrey from Rebel News. Hear what very reasonable Doctors have to say:

 The Canadian Society for Science & Ethics in Medicine

A comprehensive source of information and resources for Bill 36.

There is a legal analysis of the Bill by Gail Davidson, etc.

The counsel for the group of doctors bringing the case against the two-year mandate for healthcare workers used public health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry’s contradictory statements to argue the case.


(Doc #2 in support)   2023-11-15 Doctors warn British Columbians about the province’s tyrannical health care act. I think You will want to see this.  (Bill 36)

The take-away from the interviews:  Few Doctors and other healthcare workers KNOW ABOUT THIS BILL, and what it does.

(Doc #4 in support)   2023-11-29 B.C.:   Bonnie Henry named as defendant in class-action lawsuit over her role in COVID-19 vaccine mandate

(Doc #3 in support)   ONTARIO COURT CASES AGAINST DOCTORS   (Regulating and reporting is by Province.  I found these reports, don’t have time to do more.)

2023-02-19   Ontario Doctors who Dissented from Covid-19 Doctrines Fight for their Professional Lives. by Jason Unrau. C2C Journal.



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