Jun 142016

http://www.nationalnewswatch.com/2016/06/13/mackay-says-he-regrets-failure-to-buy-new-fighter-planes/#.V2A7aunmo3F   By Stephanie Levitz, The Canadian Press   OTTAWA — Buying a fighter jet that’s different from the one used by Canada’s closest allies risks disconnecting the country from the global alliances it needs the most, a former Conservative defence minister said Monday. Peter MacKay told a Senate committee that in his mind, there’s no question […]

Jun 132016
2016-06-10   Lockheed Martin warns it will pull $825M in F-35 contracts if Canada buys another jet,   CBC

http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/stealth-fighter-contracts-1.3629403 Canadian companies could stand to lose at least $10B over lifetime of aircraft An F-35 Joint Strike Fighter on display at naval yard in Maryland in January. (Yuri Gripas / Reuters) U.S. defence giant Lockheed Martin is warning Canada that $825 million in aerospace industrial contracts signed with Canadian companies to build and equip F-35 jets would […]

Jun 072016

The link to Dr. Nutt’s excellent TED Talk.  http://www.ted.com/talks/samantha_nutt_the_real_harm_of_the_global_arms_trade “War is ours,” she says. “We buy it, sell it, spread it and wage it. We are therefore not powerless to solve it.” ACTION?   Will you forward to your friends?   TED Talks are popular.  The number of views should hit 1 million with some help from […]

Jun 022016

Please note that StatsCan “Surveys” are not the same as the Census.   Surveys are being conducted all the time.   The Census is once every 5 years. Excerpt from Reddit posting (full text below): I ended up contacting a lawyer and advised Stats Can that we were seeking legal action Stats Can sent us a letter […]

May 212016

EXCERPTED from:   2010-03-10 Propaganda, Democracy: Imagining “the other”. Ralston Saul. The Cellist of Sarajevo.   The guiding light expressed is useful in a number of contexts, not only 9/11, terrorism and torture.   Consider the Census, Charter Right to Privacy of Personal Information and the involvement of Lockheed Martin Corporation. – – – – –  – – – – – […]

May 212016

Canadians continue to arrive on this blog with questions about the Census and StatsCan Surveys. Thanks to the student Brad.  The Q&A with him is helpful to others.  My Reply follows his question: (February) The crux of the problem is this; we do have a centralized statistical agency and a large part of academia states that […]

May 082016

Looking for information on the 2016 Census?    The one-pager below might be helpful. We’ve followed the issue since 2003.   So there is more information on this blog than you will ever want to see! For links to census topics not addressed in the following, see  Lockheed Martin, War Economy, StatsCan, Charter Right Privacy, Trial   = = = […]

Apr 152016
2016-04-15   Vindication: Protesters Who 'Put Arms Trade on Trial' Acquitted

This news will make your heart sing!    Hallelujah!   “We invite you to question why it is us—and not the war makers and profiteers—that are on trial,” protesters had said. Court dismisses charges against London arms fair protesters Five men and three women said they had blocked road to stop sale of weapons to regimes […]