Dec 212016
2016-09-26   Statistics Canada eyes end to short-form census,  CBC NOTE:  Wayne Smith “resigned in protest” as Canada’s Chief Statistician on September 16th. Digital register of population could replace manual survey by 2026 By Jordan Press, The Canadian Press The mandatory long-form census returned this year, a decade after it was last seen. If things go as planned, a decade from now the short-form census won’t […]

Sep 082016
2016-09-08  U.S. veterans support legal fight by Yemeni man whose relatives were killed in drone strike,  L.A. Times

by W.J. Hennigan Nicholas Kamm / AFP/Getty Images Yemeni engineer Faisal bin Ali Jaber, whose brother-in-law and nephew were killed in a 2012 drone strike, speaks at a news conference in November 2013 in Washington. Three military veterans once involved in the U.S. drone program have thrown their support behind a Yemeni man’s legal fight to obtain details about […]

Aug 152016

I am impressed by the G&M’s work on this issue.    Kudos to journalist Geoffrey York. At the G&M page:   short video, Stephane Dion’s  (Minister Responsible) reply to Reporter’s questions.   Rubbish. Also, links to related articles. – – – – – – –  – – – – – – — by  Geoffrey York JOHANNESBURG — The Globe and Mail […]

Aug 042016
2016-08-05   Aviation major Lockheed Martin has offered to shift its production line for F-16 fighter jets to India in partnership with a local company (Deccan  Herald, south India)

Two articles from the Deccan Herald (India). Lockheed Martin wants to close down its original production in Fort Worth in Texas   New Delhi Aviation major Lockheed Martin has offered to shift its production line for F-16 fighter jets to India in partnership with a local company. The US firm said it wants to close […]

Jul 262016
2016-07-26  StatsCan looking for powers to make all surveys mandatory, compel data from companies

In July,  StatsCan sketched out the new powers it wants (below).   With legislation expected in the fall. What happened in the fall?:    2016-09-26  Statistics Canada eyes end to short-form census, CBC Many thanks to Karen for sending in:  Liberals have promised to give Statistics Canada more freedom from government influence By Jordan Press, The Canadian […]

Jun 142016   By Stephanie Levitz, The Canadian Press   OTTAWA — Buying a fighter jet that’s different from the one used by Canada’s closest allies risks disconnecting the country from the global alliances it needs the most, a former Conservative defence minister said Monday. Peter MacKay told a Senate committee that in his mind, there’s no question […]

Jun 132016
2016-06-10   Lockheed Martin warns it will pull $825M in F-35 contracts if Canada buys another jet,   CBC Canadian companies could stand to lose at least $10B over lifetime of aircraft An F-35 Joint Strike Fighter on display at naval yard in Maryland in January. (Yuri Gripas / Reuters) U.S. defence giant Lockheed Martin is warning Canada that $825 million in aerospace industrial contracts signed with Canadian companies to build and equip F-35 jets would […]

Jun 072016

The link to Dr. Nutt’s excellent TED Talk. “War is ours,” she says. “We buy it, sell it, spread it and wage it. We are therefore not powerless to solve it.” ACTION?   Will you forward to your friends?   TED Talks are popular.  The number of views should hit 1 million with some help from […]