Aug 182016

Many thanks to dentist Dr. Dave Warwick, Hanna AB,  for providing an update and bibliography on the Research on the health effects of mercury fillings. Scroll past the indented paragraphs (which are for newcomers), straight to heading    From: dentist Dr. David Warwick, Hanna AB.   The less spirited would have sighed and gone away The intrepids keep on singing and […]

Apr 082015

CBC Victoria interviewed a professor  about making vaccinations mandatory. I was bothered by the interview because the interviewer (who is usually very good) did not do a good job, in my opinion, of presenting the other side of the story. There was little attempt to understand the source of the resistance to vaccinations. I have […]

Mar 292014

If you think that the efforts by the people below are worthy, All that is required to give them a boost:  pass this email along.   AWARENESS will put an end to craziness.   (NOTE:  the links take you to the info on my blog. I always recommend to click on the URL there, to […]

Mar 292014 By Jill Richardson   A controversial theory linking amalgam fillings and mercury poisoning is starting to gain scientific acceptance.   Kris Homme, a retired engineer, did not know what was happening to her. At age 33, she was diagnosed with macular degeneration — a disease that  usually does not appear until old age. Not […]

Mar 252014 By Dr. Mercola Last year, a legally binding international treaty to control the use of toxic mercury was signed into action. The treaty marked the beginning of the end for dental amalgam around the world, as it mandates that each nation phase down amalgam use. The Philippines was among those nations that signed the […]

Mar 212014

Grant tried to post rebuttal information to an article on dental fillings on the “Best Health Magazine” website. I tried (March 21).  The article omits any mention of the International Treaty.   I received notification that my input was under consideration. March  29 – –  I assume they decided against posting the info.   It’s not there. GRANT […]

Jun 112013

People are generally incredulous when they discover what the “fluoride” they put into the water supply, actually is.   There’s a pretty good explanation at Fluoridation – At Any Cost, Dr. Hardy Limeback. But please see:  2013-06-05  Hamilton City Council, NZ, voted 7-1 to remove Hydrofluosilicic Acid (fluoride) from water supply. I wish I had time to help […]

Jun 112013 History was made at 10.15am on Wednesday 5th June 20133 when Hamilton City Council, NZ, voted 7-1 to remove Hydrofluosilicic Acid from our public water supply.   Hamilton to end fluoride in water 5 June 2013 Hamilton City Council has voted overwhelmingly to remove fluoride from the city’s water. After four days of submissions […]

Jun 062013   Is Our Drinking Water Safe? Patty Ducey-Brooks Almost two years ago, against the wishes of the majority of San Diegans, our tap water began being treated with hydrofluosilicic acid (artificial fluoride), not calcium fluoride. What I have learned with the assistance of scientists with the EPA, dentists and chemists is that artificial fluoride […]