Sep 282014

The new President of Croplife Canada (lobbyist for chem-biotech companies) did not like what Larry Powell said.

Larry replied to Ted Menzies. 

I added a Comment:

1.  Revolving door?  Ted Menzies was an MP until he resigned in Nov 2013.  CropLife is nothing more than a lobby machine for the chem-biotech corporations.  I wonder in what ways Menzies’ work as an MP prepared him to get the job as President of CropLife?

2.  Where did Lorne Hepworth go when Menzies took over as president? (Hepworth was one of Grant Devine’s cabinet ministers before going to CropLife.) …

Answer:  Hepworth is on the Board of Directors of the “Global Institute for Food Security” at the University of Saskatchewan.  Not only has the biotech/chemical industry run the College of Agriculture for three decades, this thinly-disguised agricultural “Institute” has been set up,  with Hepworth on the Board.

In the case of another new entity at the U of S, the CCNI (Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation), for example, it is claimed that the laws regarding access to information that apply to the University (transparency in public institutions) do not apply.

Hepworth is in an unconscionable conflict-of-interest that taints the reputation of the University.  (And if you know of CropLife’s tactics under Hepworth, integrity is an issue.  I recall when Toronto was working on a pesticide bylaw.  Hepworth set up the “in name only” Toronto Environmental Coalition to send out press releases about the benign nature of the chemicals. (The bona fide organization is the Toronto Environmental Alliance.)  The Chief Medical Officer for Toronto was angry, to say the least, when Hepworth’s under-handed ways became public knowledge.

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