Oct 052018

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2018-10-05 Victory: Trans Mountain legal saga is over. Federal government will not appeal Court of Appeal ruling that quashed pipeline approval. EcoJustice.

He Got Schizophrenia. He Got Cancer. And Then He Got Cured. New York Times

2018-10-01   Not so Free: My experiences with Saskatchewan’s Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act  [D’Arcy Hande at the “Right to Know” panel, Regina, Sask.]

2018-09-12   SIGNIFICANT: World Mercury Project Relaunches as Children’s Health Defense, Robert F Kennedy Jr.

2018-10-02   Coastal zone management framework proposal for the Salish Sea, Howard Stewart

2018-10-01   Proportional Representation ballot.   B.C.  – – Please Vote and encourage others to do so.

2018-09-29   Kavanaugh has revealed the insidious force in global politics: toxic masculinity, The Guardian

2018-09-24   Bowser sewage treatment plant, Salish Sea. Submission to Doctors of BC Environment Committee

2018-09-17   Drone assassins are cheap, deadly and available in your local store, from c/net

2014-05-26   Developing Mindsight by Dan Siegel, Awakin.org

“Comment” by Kate Thomas (I don’t know who she is):    . . .  The power brokers have pasted religion, taboos, sins, & sanctions on so much of what we now call “reality.”  My conclusion, at least for today at this moment, is that we all must empower our degrees of mindfulness, allowing ourselves to practice a belief in a higher power if that serves, but always concentrating on this circle of compassion, which allows us to “embrace the reality of this interconnection, being considerate and concerned with the larger world.”

NAFTA and the mafia

2018-09-22    From Avaaz: We beat Monsanto!! (NY judge absolutely DESTROYED Monsanto’s subpoena on Avaaz)

Real story of Sweden’s election is not about march of the far right

 An Atrocity in Paradise, documentary by John Pilger, the taking of the island of Diego Garcia, Indian Ocean. (UK – US). Brasscheck TV

Telling and tragic for local people,  but you need an hour to watch it.

Ecuador: Correa Accuses Gov’t of US Pact After Chevron Ruling (article from teleSUR)

Academic research should be funded by public tax dollars — not corporations, says ethicist

Notley and Trudeau: No one to blame but themselves (from National Observer)

Kevin Taft on what turned Rachel Notley from crusading critic to big oil crusader, National Observer

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