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For your selection, April 5. Amazing! a milestone for nature protection and a fine hour for citizen law-making! Bavaria acts on “save the Bees”.


UPDATE  Letter sent to radio program;   2019-04-12 “There is a shortage of health care workers”. NO. There is an over-supply of sick and damaged people.




Jody Wilson-Raybould is described as “speaking Truth to Power”.

It is  occasionally mentioned that hers is a matriarchal society,  quite different from the patriarchal society in which most of us have been moulded.

Locally, I am helping in the efforts to protect water.   Grief!  That battle has been on-going for as long as I’ve lived and I am getting old!   In a patriarchal society we have only gone backwards overall, in spite of all the work and education by millions of people, over decades and decades.  I’m not fond of banging my head against brick walls.

So I am going to experiment.




in our small working group, how about:    it is a task, a practical question to inform strategy:

HOW do we effectively move ourselves and the project (re water) out of a masculine paradigm into a feminine one?   From a patriarchal to a matriarchal paradigm?  A complete transition,  moving or walking from one world to another.

We need to be in, and work out of, that other world. The current paradigm is not working.

IT DOES NOT MEAN abandoning the masculine – – I think we all understand that.  There are elements of both the feminine and the masculine in all of us, regardless of gender, and to varying degrees at different times in our lives.

Lou writes:  to move ourselves out of the masculine into a feminine paradigm ultimately means balance, a wholistic approach.    Perhaps ‘thoughtfulness’ as more light on the pathway becomes apparent.   Focusing has the effect of expanding the view… paradoxical …

I asked the question at our last meeting.  We did some initial brain-storming.  This week we’ll move further on the “how”.   It’s a process question;  some of the answers we know.  As we work forward, more will become understood.

  •  Let Jody Wilson-Raybould represent the Matriarchal Paradigm
  •  Assume most of us understand the world from our place in the Patriarchal Paradigm.

THE CHALLENGE:  CAN we plant ourselves in a Matriarchal Paradigm?   CAN our actions be guided by, what is to us,  a foreign culture?

More to come.   And please use the Comments at the bottom to share your thoughts.    Thanks!

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The following are Today’s  “For your selection“:


Skim a list of news items on the arrest of Assange (April 11th).   You’ll see

  • Rapist
  • Ecuador says Assange used embassy to spy
  • More than 70 MPs and peers write to the home secretary backing Julian Assange’s extradition to Sweden
  • innuendo 
  • derogatory remarks

We are meant to forget.  It’s hard to know what was the worst that Assange did: 

  • “Vault 7” – – horrific stupidity of the CIA in developing sophisticated hacking weapons that got into the hands of the hacker community; 
  • release of the “Collateral Damage” video
  • telling what was going on at Guantanamo Bay; or . . .     

After reading “The Doomsday Machine” by Daniel Ellsberg, I believe that the American military and surveillance apparatus run the U.S.  The war machine discloses only what it chooses to disclose, unless there are people like Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden.

Through various levels and branches of security clearance, on an “only what you need to know” basis,  the structure is designed to thwart people from having overall knowledge of the larger entity – – for security purposes.   Elected representatives nor the President actually “oversee” what’s going on.

The country is run by a lawless military.   Julian Assange does not have the rights of a journalist.   Which means that no journalist in the U.S. (or Canada with its quislings) has those rights.  The journalists become propagandists.  Assange is a hero one day.  Today he is evil.  In truth he is a THREAT to the evil, the darkness that allows no light to be shone on its activities.

Note:  In February 2019 I checked   Any news re Where did Arjen Kamphuis go?    On April 12th, the day after Assange was arrested, someone left a Comment on that posting saying that Kamphuis knew Assange was going to be arrested and disappeared himself.   Kamphuis is a master hacker on the side of good and light.  It is possible that he knew through hacked access, that the U.S. was putting its pawns in place to take Assange, and took steps to remove himself from the clutches of the U.S..  It is possible that the Comment is legitimate.  I do not know.


2019-04-14 The 7 Years Of Lies About Assange Won’t Stop Now, Zero Hedge


2019-04-14 Julian Assange Languishes in Prison as His Journalistic Collaborators Brandish Their Prizes, The Intercept, Charles Glass


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2019-03-29 Judge discusses Jody Wilson-Raybould phone call on SNC-Lavalin, CPAC


2019-03-06   some excerpts re Matriarchal  traditions    As of today,  I am trying to learn what it means to live in a Matriarchal SocietyThat’s where I’m going.



Without the “divine Mother” to set the limits of behavior, is it inevitable that the masculine in full form will embrace power and control without constraint?   You lie through your teeth without blinking, you manipulate with no conscience, you kill, pillage, and destroy.   (Whether man, woman, or other.  But more likely male because we’re in a patriarchy.)

There is NO BALANCE.  Take a look at SNC-Lavalin CEO Neil Bruce’s behavior:

2019-04-11 Few SNC-Lavalin rivals have been granted DPAs, contrary to CEO’s claims  (DPA same as Remediation Agreement same as Negotiated Settlement. For Big Corporations)


In my view, Members-of-Parliament who live the Feminine Paradigm are:

  • Jody Wilson-Raybould  (She did the right thing.  Prime Minister Trudeau ejected her from the Liberal caucus, and from running as a Liberal in the Oct Election)
  • Jane Philpott  (Stood by the Rule of Law.  Also ejected by the Prime Minister from the Liberal caucus)
  • Celina Caesar-Chavannes  (quit the Liberal caucus and will not run in the October Federal Election)
  • Elizabeth May (Leader of the Green Party).

There are others, some of them men  – – we need to identify and voice support.   The same applies to the Senate.

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2019-04-15  Water export: Congratulations! The “Strathcona resolution” passed at the AVICC Convention!


2018-10-04 While Nestlé extracts millions of litres from their land, residents have no drinking water, The Guardian


NOTE:   The protection of water is also the reclamation of health.

The letter I sent to a radio program is now a TEMPLATE.   If something you hear or read needs challenging,  feel free to copy, change and use as your own.

The poisoning of the land is a large contributor to disease and abnormalities:   “There is a shortage of health care workers”. NO. There is an over-supply of sick and damaged people.

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The victim refused a million-dollar our-of-court settlement.  It would mean the public would continue to be shielded from the truth.  A Court might go against him, but he was determined that others would not suffer what he suffered.  Now, a documentary film.  A good interview:

2019-04-12 How a sexual assault victim’s lawsuit set a precedent that alarmed the Catholic Church, CBC. The Sunday Edition


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THE BANKSTERS meet another citizen sleuth, Ken Rubin

Documents reveal ‘cosy’ relationship between the government, the banking industry and its watchdog

The documents were obtained through Access to Information by public policy researcher Ken Rubin, who asked for draft copies of FCAC’s report on sales practices at the big banks, . . .

2019-04-10 Bank regulator’s report on aggressive sales tactics weakened after government — and banks — reviewed drafts


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2019-04-08 Gordon Edwards: My Encounter with Grotehndieck (a remarkable essay by a remarkable man)


Note to self:  Didn’t finish filling in the Category   “Solidarity with the Warriors”,   sub-category “Gordon Edwards”.



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