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Because of the continuous data collection on individuals being done through Surveys,   this is the most-used page on the blog.   People do a web search – –  “Are StatsCan surveys mandatory?”,  “Do I have to fill in a StatsCan survey?”,  “I am being harassed by StatsCan”,  and so on.   They end up on the above posting, which by now contains comprehensive information on StatsCan surveys (versus censuses).

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The collection of information about Lockheed Martin Corporation  was prompted by their involvement in the Canadian Census (Statistics Canada, StatsCan) beginning around 2003.  Lockheed Martin is influential in the American Pentagon, the war department.

Lockheed Martin’s participation in Statistics Canada continues.  Ref:  2016-03-18   Does Lockheed Martin Corp have a role in the 2016 Census?    (Lockheed Martin provides the “steerage” for census operations in the FVEY countries.)

The data collected on individuals in Canada increases year-after-year through relentless StatsCan Surveys.   The “Census long form” became the expanded National Household Survey (NHS).  In 2016 under the Liberal Government it reverted to its former mandatory Census long form status.  (Data collection through censuses, by law, can only be done once every 5 years.   Under “surveys” the same and more data collection is being done continuously, year-in, year-out, week-in, week-out.)

It is not wise for the American military through Lockheed Martin Corporation to have access to a comprehensive data base on Canadian citizens.   And especially not when Canadians have a poor understanding of the Charter Right to Privacy of Personal Information.

Discussion continued below,  after “END OF UPDATES” (This page went up in 2008).

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UPDATE:  Originally,  it was  “because of the Patriot Act“,  later reinforced by the leaks by Edward Snowden about NSA surveillance.   Lockheed Martin works with the NSA.   A specialty of LM is surveillance.   …  the articles to support my statements are on this blog.  The NSA / FBI does not even need the Patriot Act.  If not front-door access, they install back-door access to data bases.  Which also opens up the data base to hackers – – they use the same “back-door”.


  • NOVEMBER 19, 2018    “Re-spendable revenue”

I could not understand WHY StatsCan would alienate Canadians the way it has been doing – –  lying, harassing, always demanding MORE – MORE data, personal data.  

There is information in this posting – – not reflected in the title – –  that provides an “aha!” moment:  StatsCan is in the Business of selling data.  They made more than 100 million dollars of “Re-spendable revenue (ha ha!  some good Orwellian new speak for you!) in 2017.

Statistics Canada kept Trudeau cabinet, privacy commissioner in the dark about controversial bank data harvest plan, Global News

Some left on subway cars, some mailed to wrong addresses, etc.


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Do Canadians have a CHARTER RIGHT TO PRIVACY of personal information?  . . . in theory, in political and legal rhetoric, the answer is “yes”.    But see the  LEGAL ARGUMENT.   In practice, the answer is “only if citizens stand up and fight to keep it”.

Do not rely on Governments and the Courts to defend the Charter Right.  The  LEGAL ARGUMENT discusses what the law says and how it has been applied by the Courts in this instance.

A short posting:  The Oakes Test to over-ride Charter Rights.  How Prosecutors get around it.

SEE ALSO:   Democracy: Significance of the Rule of Law



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2015-11-09 Letter to Justice Minister, Jody Wilson-Raybould. Census long form. Protect Charter Right to Privacy of Personal Information.  

The Liberal election platform and Prime Minister J Trudeau’s support for a mandatory census long form

does not factor in

the Charter Right to Privacy of Personal Information.

And is in serious conflict with Trudeau’s statements in support of Charter Rights.

From the Response and Reply with the Office of the Attorney General- – the Minister of Justice – –  (found near the bottom of the above link):

Liberal Commitment to the Charter of Rights and Freedom

Prime Minister J Trudeau mandated Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould (Attorney General):

You are expected to ensure that the rights of Canadians are protected, that our work demonstrates the greatest possible commitment to respecting the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and that our government seeks to fulfill our policy goals with the least interference with the rights and privacy of Canadians as possible.”

Prime Minister J Trudeau recognizes the value of Charter Rights,  he writes in his book, “Common Ground” 2014:

(p. 192)   “I know that everyone in this room supports our Charter of Rights,” I told the crowd.  “It’s the document that forms the basis of the rights we all enjoy … The Charter of Rights protects freedoms for everyone.  You can’t pick and choose the rights you want to keep and leave behind the ones you don’t like.”    

(p. 184)   I reminded them that it had been twenty-five years since my father had given Canada the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, one of the most valued tools the world has ever seen for ensuring the protection and full exercise of human rights.  “Now we are all children of that Charter,’ I said.  

As I said,  the commitment to a mandatory census long form is in serious conflict with the above statements regarding devotion to Charter Rights and specifically the Charter Right to Privacy of Personal Information.

In fostering the underlying values of dignity, integrity and autonomy, it is fitting that s. 8 of the Charter should seek to protect a biographical core of personal information which individuals in a free and democratic society would wish to maintain and control from dissemination to the state.”

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The following paragraph is from the  MORAL argument  (Can you have a moral nation without a moral people?)

CONSIDER:    A group of people get together under a corporate name.   They commit highly unlawful acts, have a long list of court convictions, and have not been tried for all their crimes. 

They come to Canada and are not only immune from the laws of our land, but they also receive billions of our tax dollars.

You will find the MORAL argument a worthwhile read.

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See the  RATIONAL argument .  I think we’re crazy to involve the American War Department in any way, in detailed files on citizens.  . . . .  

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Resistance to Lockheed Martin’s participation in the Canadian Federal bureaucracy is strengthened by resistance to their involvement in Canadian Universities and other institutions.

I need to break out a new Category.   The related postings are scattered under Lockheed Martin (Peace or Violence?) and Take Back the University (Knowledge Base).

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The issue is much more than census & survey contracts

Scroll through the information under the Category (right-hand sidebar) “Peace or violence“, sub-category “Lockheed Martin…”.   Quislings in Government are giving away Canadian sovereignty and have been for many years.

Do not take my word for anything.

Understand what Lockheed Martin Corporation does in the world.   See the video, an interview with William Hartung, author of “Prophets of War, Lockheed Martin and the Making of the Military Industrial Complex“, book launched in January 2011.

Understand the census contracts for Lockheed Martin Corporation IN CONTEXT.  (Warning. this is a long document in need of edit.  Sorry.)   2010-07-16  CHRONOLOGY:  the involvement of the American military in the Canadian census set in the larger CONTEXT of American military intrusion into Canadian affairs.

“Lockheed” under “Categories”  also contains a record of growing and successful resistance.   Lockheed Martin, like others of their ilk, will eventually fall.

Canadians have a choice:  do we want an economy that is dependent upon the waging of war, as is the American economy?   If we don’t, then we’d better take action.

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One of Lockheed Martin’s sub-contractors in the StatsCan work is IBM.

The “legal argument” is different from how the law works in the real world.   See  Lockheed Martin CENSUS:  What a riot!.

Oct 2013:  LM now has a woman at the helm –  Marillyn Hewson, Lockheed’s CEO and president.  The other person we have paid attention to is Ron Covais, “President of the Americas for Lockheed Martin”.  You’ll find his name in some postings.

UPDATE:  Gotta give Hewson credit, or maybe she didn’t know her words would get out.   In wooing investment, she spells out Lockheed Martin’s business plan – – the places in the world where they see their growth coming from.   It’s the trouble spots, the places where there is unrest – – those people need Lockheed Martin’s weapons, lucrative markets!   (Don’t let me go into the ironies after the shooting of police officers in Dallas, July 2016!).  Hewson’s words are the second last bullet on the posting:    2016-06-07   Email sent to Dr. Samantha Nutt re her terrific TED Talk on the Arms Dealers. (Lockheed Martin Corp. comes to mind!)


American Census

Americans are much more in the dark about Lockheed Martin’s involvement in their Census Bureau.

Understandable, given my experience with the NY Times reporting of the resistance in Canada.  They clearly and deliberately edited out the name “Lockheed Martin”  (I was interviewed and supplied the information to the Reporter.) >>

a small number of people refused to fill out (the Canadian)  census forms.  But they were protesting the use of an American technology contractor.”

There are reports on this blog about the census operation in the U.S., but not broken out in a separate category.   …  100,000 extra workers hired to go door-to-door with a hand-held data entry device to marry GPS locator information to individual census records.  …  reporting on the progress of the Census to the Government oversight body that completely omitted any mention of the fact that Lockheed Martin Corporation plays a large role (and therefore should be accountable when things are falling behind).  … citizen resistance to the intrusion on privacy …


Experience of other Canadians:

2.1    With StatsCan and the Census  (2006, 2011)

Don’t know what to do about the census (or StatsCan surveys)?  What’s happening to other people?  some actual questions and answers might be helpful.   The overflow is at:   2011-07-13

2.2   With StatsCan Surveys  (on-going)

Are StatsCan “surveys” mandatory?   (scroll down to the Comments at the bottom)

2.3    With the Privacy Commissioner

StatsCan Surveys, Complaint to the Privacy Commissioner     (scroll down to the Comments at the bottom)

3.   Common Misconception:   “But Lockheed Martin will never have access to the actual data base … ??”   See  2011-05-28 Census: Elizabeth asks What is Lockheed Martin’s actual role?

UPDATE:  I need to insert a link to the leaks by Edward Snowden.  They will remove any doubt anyone might have.   (“Search” my blog for “Snowden”.)

4.  Common Misconception:  “The information is all aggregate.  Individuals cannot be identified…??”.    Not true.  The data base on citizens at Statistics Canada has individual names as of the 2006 Census, according to the testimony of StatsCan (Anil Arora who headed the Census operation) at my trial.  Also for example, one of the questions is  “What is the name of your employer?”.   For information to be aggregate in nature,  the question would be along the line of “in what sector of the economy do you work?”

5.   Officials responsible,   Government of Canada,   for census contracts with Lockheed Martin Corporation (American military).

6.    DETAILED INFORMATION  (articles that support the summarized statements):   go to the right-hand sidebar, to “Categories”.  Find  “Peace or Violence”.  Click on “Lockheed Martin . . . “.


Canadian Census:

UK Census (also Lockheed Martin)

Click on http://www.youtube.com/ .  Then “search” on ”  UK Census Lockheed “.  You’ll find lots of videos, generated by Lockheed’s involvement, with words like

  • Don’t comply, here’s why
  • Don’t fill it in
  • Boycott
  • Census burning

Irish Census

  • http://irishcensusscandal.org/

  8 Responses to “Lockheed Martin, War Economy, StatsCan, Charter Right Privacy, Trial”

  1. […] More on Lockheed Martin’s nefarious activities: Corporate Watch Report | Canadian take on the issues. […]

  2. IronBoltBruce sent this (2011-01-22). I am impressed!!

    At Lockheed Martin, we contract with people for profit:


    At Lockheed Martin, we count people for profit:


    At Lockheed Martin, we con people for profit:


    At Lockheed Martin, we coerce people for profit:


    At Lockheed Martin, we control people for profit:


    At Lockheed Martin, we kill people for profit:


    At Lockheed Martin, we never forget what we’re working for…


  3. October 2013
    Input received by email, concerning Lockheed Martin’s role in the data base at Statistics Canada,


    While it is important to differentiate the role of a software developer (who simply licenses their product to a customer for their own use) from the role of a custodian of personal data (the Maximus contract to play both roles with BC’s Medical Services Plan data was a huge issue when the Patriot Act surfaced), I have little trust in Lockheed Martin’s or the federal government’s integrity. We in the health informatics industry cringed when the Department of Defence selected Lockheed Martin to develop and operate the DOD electronic health records (EHR) system – with all of the personal health records of DOD personnel, presumably including civilian reservists who have increasingly become our cannon fodder.

    Just like my colleagues who are data privacy and security experts cringed when the Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) tried to convince us to let them become the trusted keeper of the public/private keys required to operate any encrypted communication system. The government spin says that CSEC is forbidden by law to intercept domestic communications. But what they don’t tell you is that CSEC has the capability to monitor all US domestic communications, and the US Homeland Security and National Security agencies have the capability to monitor all Canadian domestic communications, and they love working together and exchanging intelligence, particularly when encouraged to do so by Security and Prosperity Partnership deals that are not discussed, debated or even exposed to public scrutiny.

    The SPP is certainly not a dead issue; I think it deserves to be a major public forum topic between now and the 2015 federal election. And I know just the people to make that discussion happen ; > )http://www.greenparty.ca/policy/documents/deeper_look_spp

    What Canada really needs is our own Edward Snowden, because it is very difficult to find factual evidence and footprints of what is really happening. And until we do it is too easy to dismiss us (well, me anyway) as paranoid conspiracy theorists.

    Thanks for reading my rant if you got this far ..


  4. Gil – adding to your input re Dept of Defence (DOD) contract to Lockheed Martin for the health records of Canadian military personnel.

    Excerpt from http://sandrafinley.ca/?p=83
    2004-02-15: Nova Scotia Quakers to Minister Responsible for the census re Lockheed Martin contracts

    . . . In February 2003, Lockheed Martin Canada Inc. was also awarded a multi-year contract by the Canadian Department of National Defence to provide a health care information system on Canadian Forces personnel. That contract is worth approximately $17 million and covers only the first 14 months of the project. The contract has the potential to exceed an estimated value of $56 million, however, if all four phases are delivered over the anticipated 10-year period.

    – – – – – – – –


    SOMEWHERE here on this blog I addressed the conflict-of-interest: most military veterans have a terrible time trying to get medical coverage (Viet Nam, Iraq, etc.).

    On this blog there’s the story of the woman who fought for compensation from Veterans’ Affairs over Agent Orange testing at CFB Gagetown, N.B. in the lead-up to the Viet Nam War.

    Military personnel were not told how deadly the chemical combo was (Monsanto’s product) – – her husband one of the exposed ones – – long drawn-out painful deaths. A cover-up that was eventually pierced.

    So we give the medical records for the Canadian military to Lockheed Martin to care for? Something’s rotten in the state of Denmark.

  5. I just rec’d a 2nd phone call from Stats Can & was about the Labour Survey & said I’d decided to not participate. I was told it was legally required to participate in the Census & the Labour Survey. I replied that Census are mandatory, but Surveys are not & that I’d read the Statistics Canada Act & didn’t see anywhere where participation in Surveys was mandatory & asked what part of the Act indicate it was mandatory. The Stats Can rep said it was mandatory & it was in the Act & said he’d pass me on to a Supervisor, which he did. The Supervisor told me I was required to participate & I repeated that I’d read the Act & didn’t read anywhere that participation was mandatory. She replied that it was. I asked what part of the Act said that & she said she didn’t know the ‘exact part’, but if I went to the Stats Can website it would direct me to the place in the Act where it indicated it was mandatory. I went to the website (statcan.gc.ca) – Information for – Survey participants – Labour – Labour Force Survey – Survey participation: mandatory under the Statistics Act – clicked on Statistics Act (as per the Supervisor’s instructions) & it took me to the Statistics Act. It did not however, take me to the ‘exact part’ where it said the survey was mandatory. When I told her that the Supervisor said ‘it should take you to the exact place’ & when I said it didn’t & I wanted to know where it was in the Act she said it was a ‘large Act’ & she didn’t know the exact place but could send a letter to me with the ‘exact place’. I said I’d appreciate that & asked her to email it to me. She said she couldn’t email it, but could send it via Canada Post & that it would be addressed to “Occupant”, just so I’d know since some people don’t open anything that’s addressed to “Occupant”. I said I’d open it.

    Meanwhile I’m still waiting for the “letter from Ottawa” that the previous Stats Can employee told me I’d receive since I declined to participate in this Survey (July 21st phone call).


    Not sure if this is the best place to post this, but it is about privacy rights and info sharing with the U.S. government. When a Canadian travels to/from Canada/the U.S., border agents share all the personal data with both countries; name, address, phone number, photo i.d., drivers license, and any other personal data they collect. And the info is used by various government agencies on an “as needed” basis. The same is true for U.S. citizens travelling to/from Canada.

    • Thanks for your input Steve. There is a better place to put this; I will get back to you. Have other priorities at the moment. /Sandra

  7. Thank you for the meticulous research.

    I exposed some of the other ways in which the Canadian government is complicit with war profiteers like Lockheed Martin in this article https://gavinmounsey.substack.com/p/lest-we-forget-war-is-a-racket


    From my article linked above:

    “In addition to Canada’s direct military involvement in wars of aggression waged by our neighbors (such as those that were waged in the middle east) and its involvement in various proxy wars, most Canadians have no idea that thanks to our Canada Pension Plan (CPP) we are forcibly conscripted into an institutionalized confidence scheme tied to the age-old racket of war.

    As long as it’s all supposedly “legal” and there’s lots of money to be made, the CPP Investment Board (CPPIB) says it will hitch our wagon to any corporate star that will benefit our retirement savings. Even if these investments contradict our so-called “Canadian values,” or undermine official government policies, it makes no difference. In fact, the more a corporation’s practices conflict with Canada’s self-righteous myths about peace, democracy, human rights, protecting nature and preserving our healthcare system, the more likely that they’ll be able to turn us a quick buck.

    As a result, the CPPIB has happily invested our pension monies in a wide range of companies that profit directly and indirectly from war.

    The most egregious examples of this can be found among CPP investments in the world’s largest weapons manufacturers (such as Lockheed Martin). Our government-sponsored retirement portfolio includes about $1.4 billion worth of stocks in some of the world’s largest 100 war industries. The bigger the weapons producer, the more likely we are to be invested in it. For instance, while the CPP has stakes in 41% of the top 100 weapons manufacturers, our shares include 48% of the top 50, 80% of the top 20, and 100% of the top 10.”

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