Mar 242015

The following is a consolidation of evidence of Lockheed Martin’s major role in U.S. Torture. Torture, translated into Orwellian Newspeak is  “enhanced interrogation techniques”.   The total incompetence, to mention nothing of illegality,  of the U.S. Torture programme at Guantanamo and other offshore prisons is in the 20 “Findings” of the U.S. Senate Committee Report […]

Mar 232015
15-03-23  C-51 Secret Police.  Major wake-up call for Canadians.  Canada Spying. Communication Security Establishment (CSE) , CBC

(You may want to go the URL:) Top-secret documents obtained by the CBC show Canada’s electronic spy agency has developed a vast arsenal of cyberwarfare tools alongside its U.S. and British counterparts to hack into computers and phones in many parts of the world, including in friendly trade countries like Mexico and hotspots like […]

Mar 222015

In summary, Bill C-51 Anti-terrorism / Secret Police is about American hegemony driven by resource depletion, in particular water shortages, in the U.S.A. (RELATED: 2015-03-17 Bill C-51, Elephant in the Room, the U.S.A.). And, If implemented, Bill C-51 merely adds Secret Police Removes the independent arms’ length watchdog role over police behaviour Reduces citizen rights […]

Mar 182015
2014-09-24  Their barbarism . . .  and ours…-and-ours By Matthew Behrens September 24, 2014 The incessant drumbeat of war, accompanied by the harsh propaganda of “barbarism” and “brutality” directed at individuals in Syria and Iraq, is as wearily familiar as that used to demonize the German “Hun” a century ago and dozens of other “enemies” in the interim. The PR industry, which […]

Mar 172015
2015-03-17  Britain needs independent scrutiny of intelligence, says former head of MI6.  The Guardian.

By Richard Norton-Taylor 17 March 2015 Sir Richard Dearlove, former chief of MI6, says the threat of terror requires social, cultural, and educational responses. Photograph: Lucy Nicholson/Reuters A former head of MI6 has said that an independent body, made up of “citizens’ groups” and other outsiders, should be set up to scrutinise Britain’s security […]

Mar 172015

Bill C-51.   Secret Police / Anti-Terrorism It’s about U.S. Surveillance,  U.S. “Homeland Security”, American hegemony. (Hegemony is the political, economic, or military predominance or control of one state over others.) That’s the Elephant in the Room.    Ya better put it on the table, folks!  Bad outcomes if we don’t.   We have followed the developments – […]

Mar 172015

Legislation passed in Australia 6 months ago (Sept 2014) is (errily?!) like Bill C-51, the Anti-Terrorism or Secret Police legislation in Canada. It is deliberate. There is an intelligence alliance (excerpts below) 5 members   (the U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada, N.Z.) acronymn FVEY hence the handle “Five Eyes” …  which to this day remains the most extensive known espionage alliance […]

Mar 102015

Under Bill C-51, you risk becoming a “terrorist” with no due process, when your actions are based on the desire to help address long-standing injustices, to make life better for people. In my view, efforts to stop young people from going to Syria will fail if their legitimate concerns are treated as a need to […]

Mar 072015   NOTE:  if you are supportive of what the Privacy Commissioner says, you might take a minute – – go to the above URL and enter a simple, short message, that’s all it takes.   Daniel Therrien needs to be known and supported – – Harper will not like what he wrote. UPDATE:  Daniel Therrien […]

Mar 032015

Following:  two separate conversations regarding Paul Craig Roberts. I don’t know what to think.  Neither does Jim: I followed Roberts works for some years and was considering bringing him to speak in Toronto but something in my gut said, leave him on his own, maybe he has a hidden agenda….time will tell.    From: Sandra […]