Jan 102022

by Edda West

The Arrest & Persecution of Physician Activist Dr. Mel Bruchet – Update & Interview with Dr. Daniel Nagase & the ‘5th Doctor’, Sam Dubé – A shocking story of medical tyranny and out-of-control police powers

On December 8th, 2021 Dr. Mel Bruchet, a much beloved family physician of over 50 years, was arrested by several RCMP officers and taken from his home in handcuffs to the psychiatric ward of a Vancouver area hospital where he was incarcerated against his will for over 3 weeks. In a scene straight out of ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’, he was forcibly administered highly toxic psychiatric drugs contraindicated for seniors because of the high risk of inducing stroke in the elderly. Dr. Bruchet is one of growing number of courageous doctors speaking out against the dangers of mRNA gene therapy shots and in particular the risks to children and pregnant mothers. He and Dr. Daniel Nagase had been speaking out about the recent 13 ‘stillborn’ deaths in a 24 hour period at a Vancouver hospital and have shed light on the background reports of miscarriages in Canadian women who have received covid shots. They had also filed charges against Dr. Bonnie Henry, BC’s chief medical tyrant. Canadian science researcher Dr. Jessica Rose offers this powerful overview of the events.




Dr. Mel Bruchet, a family doctor in North Vancouver, 81 years old, retired 3 years ago.  He has been involved in the fight to prevent wholesale vaccination of kids.  The science and unnecessary risks from covid vaccination make it clear that there are no bases for vaccinating kids for covid.  To the contrary.

My introduction to Mel Bruchet was through a video: a crowd of protestors assembled outside an RCMP building.  Dr. Bruchet was a tactful intermediary between the crowd and the RCMP.

Dr. Nagase is working with Dr. Bruchet.

Dr. Nagase is the one who was doing locums for Alberta doctor(s).  He treated 3 or 4 covid patients with ivermictin in the rural hospital in Rimbey.  The patients all recovered, but Dr. Nagase was fired for using ivermectin.

Dr. Nagase has become, I would say, a full-time activist.

His data analysis from documents used by Pfizer to obtain licensing from the FDA for their covid vaccines has been picked up by doctors in the U.S..

2021-12-09   Dr Daniel Nagase Shocking Stats from Pfizer Documents  AND We’ll all be dead before FDA releases full COVID vaccine record, plaintiffs say


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