Jun 052017

I did a google search on “Monsanto Papers”.    I have never seen so many articles come up that are in French.   Comparatively few in English.  Nothing from Canadian English sources, at least not in the first few pages of search results.   NY Times article, March 14th comes up on page 1 of listings.  Very troubling that […]

Jun 052017

https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/14/business/monsanto-roundup-safety-lawsuit.html?_r=0  By DANNY HAKIM   The reputation of Roundup, whose active ingredient is the world’s most widely used weed killer, took a hit on Tuesday when a federal court unsealed documents raising questions about its safety and the research practices of its manufacturer, the chemical giant Monsanto.   Roundup and similar products are used around […]

Apr 222017

I used (quoted from)  Lessons 10, 8, and 2 (On Tyranny  Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century). Scroll down to the high-lighted text. – – – – – – – – – Hi Sandra, Sacrosanct ideologies (vaccines; sexual victimization of young people by women isn’t a problem – – it’s only done by men; universities),  are so easy […]

Oct 202016

The Police Officer will do a good job.  But at the root?   it’s not actually his job.   The growth of gangs is a symptom that tells us we are failing.  So how do we get a passing grade? A fundamental responsibility of our communities is to provide the stew to nourish our individual toddlers into […]

Aug 262016
2016-08-10   Teachers investigate whether University of Calgary is in bed with Big Oil,  National Observer

This is a back-up copy in case the original disappears.   You may wish to go to the URL (copy & paste):   http://www.nationalobserver.com/2016/08/10/analysis/teachers-investigate-whether-university-calgary-bed-big-oil   By Christopher Adams in Analysis, Politics University of Calgary President Elizabeth Cannon, Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi and a student at the University of Calgary on April 15, 2015.  File photo by The Canadian Press. […]

Jul 142016
2016-07-12   University:   Canadian researchers who commit scientific fraud are protected by privacy law.  Toronto Star.   AND response.

The publicly funded agency responsible for policing scientific fraud is keeping secret the details surrounding these researchers. Their names, where they worked, and what they did wrong is protected under privacy laws.   MY RESPONSE, FOLLOWED BY THE ARTICLE  This is an extremely important article.    It opens a door through which more information can flow.   Many […]

Feb 132016

FROM THE VISIONING COMMITTEE The University of Saskatchewan has recently launched an initiative to renew our university’s vision, mission and values. President Stoicheff has formed a committee composed of members from across our community, on campus and off, to help with the development of a new vision, mission and values statement for the university. The […]

Nov 052015

With thanks to Dean Daphne Taras:   Yes, you can circulate it.   (November 4, 2015 2:23 PM ) RESPONSE TO:  2015-11-02 LISTEN: Enbridge & U of Calgary relationship challenges academic integrity —–Original Message—– From: Taras, Daphne Sent: November 4, 2015 10:08 AM To: Edwards Faculty; Edwards Staff; Edwards Retired Faculty Cc: Muzychka, Ivan; Hartshorn, Kent; Barber, Ernie; […]

Nov 022015

RELATED:     2015-11-04   Dean of the Edwards School of Business, U of Saskatchewan, Letter re Donor Relations   I happened to catch this on CBC’s The Current (Anna Maria Tremonti).   So did Elaine (below). Propaganda is a disease in a democracy.  It weakens and aids the takeover of the system.  Rationalizing and making excuses for the […]

Nov 012015
2015-11-01  University administers forced to quit - - what's behind it?

Below:  Why Tim Wolfe’s resignation from the University of Missouri is a warning for all universities    (forced resignations of the President and Chancellor). The author advises the universities:  Listen to your customers.  (and students) Appended:  Links to some other articles. It’s more than Missouri and it’s more than not hearing. Comment:   WHAT’S BEHIND THE FORCED […]