Nov 232017

Earlier, we shared information on the link between mercury and Alzheimer’s Disease / dementia.

I want to

  • add  a short video with Boyd Haley (#1 below);
  • remind myself about #2, another informative video.
  • add a 2-minute CBC News report on the actions of Dr. Murray Vimy (Calgary researcher retired, World Health Organization consultant, etc.).
  • And before I forget about it,  post a record of the 1998 class action lawsuit attempt against mercury fillings.  8,000 Canadians signed up.


  1.   (6 minutes, 45 seconds): Boyd Haley PhD publishes studies linking mercury and Alzheimer’s disease

In the youtube, Boyd Haley mentions the “Calgary researchers” with whom he worked.   Who are they? . . .    Dr.  Murray Vimy (see #3) and Dr. Fritz Lorscheider.

2.    (11 minutes)  2010-01-20  Mercury: Excellent Video “Poison in the Mouth”. Includes Dr. Lars Friberg.

3.    (2 minutes)  2011-08-18   CBC News re Dr. Murray Vimy, Health Canada panel on the safety of mercury fillings.     More on Dr. Vimy at  The attempted class action lawsuit against mercury fillings, 1998, Canada. )

4.    This book came up on a google search to find the researchers in Calgary:   Healing and Wholeness: Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Mental Health

By Randi Fredricks.   (Page 397)    (AD = Alzheimer’s Disease)  (The numbers are footnote numbers – active links are in the original)
Mercury and Alzheimer’s
Higher mercury concentrations have been detected in brain regions and blood of patients with AD.  (206, 207)   Moreover, scientists have determined that trace amounts of mercury can cause the type of nerve damage found in AD.  (208)   The level of mercury exposure used in tests has been well below those detected in many people with mercury/silver amalgam dental fillings. 
Researchers at the University of Calgary observed that exposure to mercury caused the formation of neurofibrillar tangles,  one of the diagnostic markers for AD. 
(INSERT:  I think that is what the two videos (#1 and #2 above) are saying, too)
Other research has shown that mercury can cause formation of another AD marker, amyloid plaques.   the researchers included a DVD presentation with their report, showing the effects of mercury on the brain.  . . .  etc
In 2012 I made one unsuccessful attempt to contact the lead researcher quoted in an article about the amyloid plaques,  Karen Duff, with a fundamental question re the amyloid plaques – – –  see

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