Sep 032015

RE  John Pilger’s  documentary, The War You Don’t See   Journalists, administrators speak frankly of their personal shame for reporting the propaganda spewed out by the Government spin doctors (propaganda) for the Iraq War.     (At the URL  scroll down through the white space,  there’s a white bar,  click on the left end of it.) It takes courage to […]

Mar 032015

I HIGHLY recommend this video.  I would love if every person in Canada and in the U.S. could see it. . . . violence engaged in by Muslims against the West.  (Terrorist)  It’s really just a term to legitimize the kind of violence that we do ourselves and de-legitimize the violence that is used against us. … WATCH: […]

Dec 202014
2014-12-19  Feds Pay $1.25M For ‘News’ Handouts To Media Editors, Blacklock's Reporter Friday, December 19, 2014 by tom Feds Pay $1.25M For ‘News’ Handouts To Media Editors Public Works Canada is awarding a $1.25 million contract to a publicist to distribute government-vetted “news” to publishers and radio and TV stations. The budget for handout “news” increased 25 percent from a previous contract. The department said it […]

Nov 232014

The resolution of this is at:   (2015-07-20)    Riddle solved.  Gmail accounts. The following is a copy of the email I received, purporting to be from Dan Morgan, author of “Merchants of Grain“.    (I cannot change the formatting,  to remove the blank spaces.  You have to scroll down.) – – – – – – – […]

Nov 272013

I want to integrate this with other articles we have circulated, the science that studies neural pathways.  Don’t have time at the moment. The NY Times has many virtues and some important flaws. Both were evident on the paper’s front page this week and there is a lot to be learned by what did […]

Nov 272013

Things that did not make sense suddenly become clear as day. why is the Government proceeding with the registration of GMO salmon? why the closure of fisheries labs on the West Coast? why can’t the Government tolerate scientists? for how little will people sell their souls? I highly recommend the video “Salmon Confidential” and bless […]

Nov 232013

I received the email,  Muslims @ Michigan State, based on an email written by a prof at the University.   The email – – scroll down to item #4. The attempt behind the email has a Parallel: Nazi manipulation to turn the Polish people into animals, to make them into an enemy, to make it possible for the Germans to invade […]

Jun 112013

It is necessary to know how the industry / government / university alliance works, if we are to take back our food supply.   Please see: 2013-06-10 Under the pretext of preventing hunger, the rich nations are engineering a new scramble for Africa. Monbiot.  (Monsanto)   – – – – – – – – – – […]

Apr 302013 By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 30th April 2013   What happens to people when they become government science advisers? Are their children taken hostage? Is a dossier of compromising photographs kept, ready to send to the Sun if they step out of line? I ask because, in too many cases, they soon […]