Oct 272021

https://rumble.com/vo27bu-canadas-freedom-fighters-canadians-resisting-unconstitutional-lockdowns.html?fbclid=IwAR0o9hViIKmgTS72wZMcu5gmk5KGOqMRPYOlcqrxJkNFnEAizjuLAqzBEgc   Rumble — Canadians are entering the eighteenth month of government restrictions that are managing and dictating every aspect of our lives. Arising from these violations of our Charter Rights and Freedoms, are brave Canadians who are speaking out against them. These are just a few of many of our country’s courageous Freedom Fighters. […]

Oct 262021

Hi, You may be interested in the article about China. Source is Telesur  – – REPLY:    (It’s not only China.) An interesting article. I am not a China fan for various reasons, although I admire some of its history. I read two books from 2 women who experienced Mao time. Quite shocking. When I […]

Oct 232021
2021-10   Calgary fills the streets opposing the vaccine mandates.  Sample twitter feed.

29.8K views   This is a Rebel News twitter feed.   Cleaned up – – time of tweets, etc deleted.    K2 Calgary fills the streets opposing the vaccine mandates Full story coming by http://RebelNews.com   Chef Michael Hunter government turns their backs on restaurants yet again. It’s ok to drink beer, cheer and eat hotdogs amongst […]

Oct 182021
U.S. Naval Institute,  The Truth About Tonkin

We forget Or were never told How wonderful is the Art of Propaganda The U.S. went to war against Viet Nam Because U.S. HIGH OFFICIALS  lied in 1964. De-classification of Government documents in 2005-06 shed light on the truth. The U.S. has not stopped going to war, and losing every war,  ever since.   From […]

Oct 142021

 LA School District Uses Psychologically Manipulative (Cartoon – no)  Animated Video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QND31bJ78qI This young hypnotist does a pretty good job of first demonstrating and then de-constructing the psychological manipulation. It is soooo outrageous when it’s a school board aimed at children. – – – – – – – – – – – – – The […]

Oct 142021

I would like to draw your attention to this: Canada has a population of 38,000,000 Deaths to date from covid:  28,000 The percentage of the population that has died from covid is .074 of one percent.   Less than 1% of the population. When they report the numbers that have died (28,000), without reference to total […]

Oct 142021

A word document, copy of the article below,  you might be able to use for copying: 2021-09 A plan devised by the Canadian Military uses covid to hone propaganda skills Military leaders saw pandemic as unique opportunity to test propaganda techniques on Canadians, Forces report says. Ottawa Citizen A plan devised by the Canadian Joint […]

Oct 132021

The heading does not tell the story.   Health Canada switches to mainly pharmaceutical funding (short article below). Health Canada is using pharmaceutical company fees to fund 90% of its operating costs for regulating prescription medications. With a 24% rebate if it fails to review new drug applications within the accepted time frame. How About a […]

Oct 092021

This is a two-part posting:    Template, EMPLOYEE to his employer  (happens to be a Credit Union) Part 1 of 2:   (appears Below) 2.  Template, customer/client (me) to the Business (a different Credit Union in this case) Part 2 of 2: go to  Customer letter to a Business:  forced inoculation of employees is too fascist/nazi-ist for […]