Aug 082016
2016-08-01   The doctor who beat big tobacco.   Responsible investing.  Disinvestment.  Comprehensive article.  The Guardian.

When Dr Bronwyn King discovered her pension fund was investing in the cigarette companies that were killing her cancer patients, she was staggered. And she knew she had to act by Gideon Haigh Monday 1 August 2016   On Good Friday this year, Dr Bronwyn King and her husband were staying with her parents in […]

Jul 212016
2016-07-21  Revealed: Thatcher aide wanted to use Prince William to hobble CND (UK:  Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament),  The Guardian

Newly released files show PM’s press chief suggested releasing footage of royal baby to keep CND protests out of the news   Princess Diana with Prince William in 1983, a time of growing opposition to the deployment of US cruise missiles in UK. Photograph: Anwar Hussein/WireImage Margaret Thatcher was privately warned by foreign secretary Francis […]

Jul 102016

Many of us have concluded that big business is running the show.   We have  corporatocracy,  not democracy. If that is the case,  by definition,  there has been a coup d’état by stealth in Canada (and in the U.S.). From  2010-09-13   RCMP identify coup d’etat as threat to Canada, Ottawa Citizen. “Military historian Edward Luttwak says, […]

Jul 032016
2016-07-03   . . . can't call in an air strike on a warming military solutions to the most profound problems that are imperilling the planet. ...  International Crane Foundation in North Korea.

“You can’t call in an air strike on a warming climate…There are no military solutions to the most profound problems that are imperilling the planet. It’s got to be diplomacy,” says former diplomat Daryl Copeland The interview.   CBC, Sunday Edition,  Michael Enright and Daryl Copeland.   URL below. Near the end, Enright challenges the idea of […]

Jan 292016

The interview is in 3 segments.  Pretty amazing:   2.   3.

Oct 182015
2015-10-10  Hundreds of thousands shut down Berlin to protest "Trojan Horse" - - Monsanto's dream trade deal.  The Guardian

The TTIP protest in Berlin this past weekend drew hundreds of thousands. PHOTO: EFE/EPA/KAY NIETFELD Hundreds of thousands of people marched in Berlin on Saturday to oppose a planned free trade deal between the European Union and the United States that is claimed to be anti-democratic and to threaten food safety and environmental standards. […]

Oct 122015

Banksters: Index The Meridian Dam proposal has been halted in its tracks. The issue has been: who has power and control, citizens or Government? Note: the battle to stop the proposed Meridian Dam (South Saskatchewan River)  took approximately 8 months. A year later we joined the battle to stop the proposed Highgate Dam (North Sask […]

Sep 172015
2015-09-17  Seroxat (Paxil) study under-reported harmful effects on young people, say scientists.    Comment.

I am especially upset when it is children who are affected by the deceits.   Upset (angry!) is the wrong word.   I am fueled to continue. I  commented on the appended article in the Guardian, and contacted the parties who have worked so tirelessly in the public interest, to thank them.  My Comment: Moonbean says “Thanks to […]

Apr 012015

 33 Tips To Being A Better Writer (Plus One Key To Creativity I Forgot To Tell You About)by James Altucher   I wrote a blog post that was horrible. Claudia said, “People won’t relate.” I rewrote it completely. She said, “much better”. I published it and that practically ruined my life. I loved it so […]